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The workshops take place once a month and are held by Vivi Pozzebón in Córdoba and Lili Zavala in Sweden.

Once a year we also organize a workshop which takes place in Córdoba, that we both hold together.

The meeting in Córdoba consists of 2 days of intensive workshops given by Vivi, Lili together with local as well as international artists that come to share their experiences and knowledge. Awareness of the body is a very important part of our meetings, that´s why there are also workshops given by dancers and instructors. For example Luciana Maltez, giving a Qi Gong class during Tamboreras I and Lili Carreño with “Despertares” in Tamboreras II, to whom we are as grateful as we are towards all the artists participating in Tamboreras I and II!

This body work introduction is a warm up to sing and play. Then takes place the presentation of the video with different interviews of women percussionists from around the world, followed by a discussion and debate about ”women and percussion”.

We end both days with a show that includes local artists and sometimes even students attending the workshop.


Tamboreras´ upcoming dates will be announced here!

Tamboreras Suecia & Ibiza Tur


photo: Popkollo Tjörn in Sweden July 2011.


Tamboreras II "Intercambios"

The second meeting was in Rio Arriba resto bar in Agua de Oro, which involved local and international artists like:

Liliana Carreño (Córdoba) woke us up to the arfo-dance, Vanessa Garcia (Buenos Aires / Paris) divided his rhythms with accents, Marian Pellegrino (Córdoba / Ibiza) talked about the Rock styl, Natalie Knutzen (Buenos Aires / Stockholm) recounted his personal experience in music as an author, Lena "Saft Stockholm" Bjärskog (Stockholm) told us about the music production, Jens Klintgard (Stockholm) spoke of the roll of man in the society. Karol Zingalli (Córdoba) spoke about hers work in the artists production, Vivi POZZEBON (Córdoba) provided a workshop with beats and vocals and LILI ZAVALA (Córdoba / Stockholm) gave a workshop on technical and relaxation with Colombian cumbia.

Tamboreras II to benefit of "La Luciérnaga", the organization that works to improve the situation of the street children, with the money them as bought DRUMS!!!


Tamboreras workshop under "FIBPC", the International Festival of Drums and Percussion Córdoba

Vivi And Lili gave a workshop of Afro-Cuban style and Maria Olsson spoke about the swedish folkmusic

Tamboreras workshop in Mars 2014, Córdoba-Argentina