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Tamboreras in Salvador de Bahia saluting Deidá.

Where they were part of the festival Latitudes Latinas 2011



What is tamboreras?

Tamboreras is a musical project for women, directed by Viviana Pozzebón and Liliana Zavala, two proffesional percussionists living in two different parts of the planet, one in Stockholm, Sweden and the other one in Córdoba, Argentina.


The main objective of Tamboreras is to improve our situation as musicians, artists, women and people by allowing ourselves to be different, defending our authenticity, dedication and joy as we play percussion.


We believe that for several reasons women can in certain situations feel excluded in their role as percussionists. This can be the result of insecurities, obstacles, fears and social expectations, which we aspire to elucidate and share, not just between us but the entire society of percussionists around the world. We have already made video interviews with women from Ghana, Sweden, Japan, Argentina and Colombia, all included in a DVD with documentary format.


For this same reason we also have the objective to create, through our social networks, a community of percussionists for sharing information, work opportunities, experiences etc.


The project also has a social aim since a percentage of the money we raise goes to associations who work with social aid. One of the organizations we met is "Semillas del Corazón", (Seeds of the Heart) a civil organization in Argentina that works for the educational rights of ill children..

Tamboreras en FIBP 2011 ( internacional festival of drum and percussion of Córdoba)from Sweden with os

the percussionist Maria Olsson and from Cordoba/Ibiza the singer and guitarist Marian Pellegrino.



Festival de mujeres al Griego 2014 - Marian -Lili-Vivi